The SampleQ approach is just as unique as the solutions that we devise and implement for laboratories all over the world. Our methodology, the SampleQ flow, consists of a number of clever steps that pave the way for an effective and efficient process.

Based on the principles of lean 6 sigma we automate using the following logical flow:

  • Starting from the current manual steps in the lab
  • Connecting with the complete lab: from sample entrance to data exit
  • An automated workflow will be proposed
  • Completely designed, programmed and tested before installing

Set to work step-by-step in the SampleQ flow


The assessment phase is the most important phase of an automation project. During this phase, we carefully investigate how you actually apply the procedure that is to be automated. We highly recommend that you also create a project team as this will help you to achieve significant results as quickly as possible. For this same reason, we often conduct face-to-face interviews with your analysts and operators.


Based on the results of the assessment phase, we will propose a set of hardware solutions to address the different bottlenecks in your procedure. Every single solution is unique. The solution that is selected will mainly be determined by personal preferences, future perspectives and budgetary constraints. We will, of course, guide you through this decision process, which can sometimes be a little time consuming.


As soon as the design phase has been approved, we will start to implement your system. During the implementation phase, all necessary hardware parts will be sourced and assembled. If necessary, new software protocols will be written and compiled. Our extensive knowledge library and technical warehouse enable us to implement systems in a short time.


Once the system is working correctly from a technical point of view, system performance has to be evaluated from an analytical and operational point of view. A carefully planned validation protocol is therefore carried out.


We ensure long-term operational reliability of your instruments. We provide a broad range of support packages, both standard and fully customisable, to address any post-installation needs you may have.